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William E Hinshaw

Signal Hill's

Third Mayor

William E. Hinshaw

Third Mayor of Signal Hill Sept., Oct., 1925 thru April, 1940

Born Sep 22 1868  Randolph County, Indiana 

He married Dottie Turner about 1892.  Dottie, daughter of W.M. + Hettie Turner, was born Apr 5 1872, Randolph County, Indiana.

On 2-9-1895, Dottie Hinshaw of Lynn mtg. was received in membership. 

William and Dottie were shown in the 1900 census (Jun 1900), Lynn, Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana:

Hinshaw, William E., head-of-household, age 30, born Sep 1869 in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina; married 8 years; occupation: hardware merch.; owned home (mortgaged).

Hinshaw, Dottie E., wife, age 28, born Apr 1872 in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Indiana; married 8 years; occupation: clerk in hardware.

On Nov 8, 1910 William E. Hinshaw was elected as a Member of the Assembly, State of California. 

On 1-10-1920, William & Dottie were granted a certificate to Bethel Friends Church, Long Beach, California.  Note this certificate of removal was issue long after the family had apparently moved to California.  

William became mayor of the city of Signal Hill, California in October, 1925.

William and Dottie were shown in the 1930 census (Apr 17 1930), Signal Hill, Los Angeles County, California

Hinshaw, William E., head-of-household, age 61, born in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina; first married at age 23; owned home ($15,000 value); radio in home; occupation: Mayor, Signal Hill; not a veteran.  Hinshaw, Dottie D., wife, age 58, born in Indiana; father born in Ohio; mother born in Indiana; first married at age 20.

In 1939 William was still mayor of Signal Hill, California,

residing at 2150 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill.

William E. Hinshaw died Mar 8 1947, Orange County, California; age 78 years.  

Dottie died Nov 12 1951, Los Angeles County, California; age 79 years.  

Signal Hill's first official City Hall was located at the Hinshaw Building at the NE corner of Cherry Ave and 21st.   The Park behind the current City Hall was formerly named Hinshaw Park.


William E. Hinshaw:

Exerpt form : History of Long Beach and Vicinity"  

Biographical      Volume II       Published 1927